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I grew up in the theatre. My father is a director and I spent most of my childhood in front of a stage, backstage, and on stage. I have had a lifelong relationship with Theatre and I believe in its power. I honor where theatre comes from, from the very beginnings of storytelling. I believe in the future of theatre. I trust that theatre can change the world. Cliche I know but I feel it in my bones. 


At my core, I believe in equity, community and joy.  


Equity. I welcome reckoning with self and systems in order to protect and uplift each individual’s human experience especially those prone to erasure and invisibility. 


Community. I create spaces where people can feel empowered and brave, comfortable and safe. There is no hierarchy. I believe the best art comes from being in collaboration. Theatre is for everyone and in order to make this a reality we must have roots in the community.


Joy. Joy for all. Joy even in the face of pain. Joy in celebration of our differences and similarities. Joy as a means of release. Joy as a means of rebellion. Joy in its purest form, the Joy of being human. 


My work comes through my body in movement and physical exploration. Rhythm and ensemble informs my work, inviting musicality into the space. I cultivate character relationships through improvisation. I empower myself and actors to be proud of their work through creating a brave place to play. 


I want to do theatre that allows all to be held, heard and seen, audience included. I want to do theatre that involves laughter. I want to do theatre that embraces the full range of human experience; high highs, low lows and all that lies between. I want to make raw, honest, brave theatre rooted in empathy. I want theatre to be the place of change and the home to the entire community of humanity. The theatre I want to make uplifts simple moments of interconnected human spirit, because sometimes it's nice to be reminded. 

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