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Covid Safety 

Covid Safety Management came up after the pandemic began and although unglamorous, it is essential to keep theatre open. It is a job that requires immense planning but all tons of support the production group. I have been the covid safety manager for three companies IAMA, Mixed Blood Theatre Company and The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company. 

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The Catch all

Community creates and produces art. Sometimes you've got to wear a lot of hats. I've taken on many roles in the theatre, here are a some:

  • Fight captain and contribution to choreography

  • Wardrobe manager

  • House Management

  • Lead Tactile Tours for the blind

  • Supertitle creation for those hard of hearing 

  • Setting up and cueing audio description device

  • Actor stand in/voice in

  • Front of house staff

  • Stagehand

  • Producer

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